For an individual or organisation that has contributed to raising the profile of the arts in Watford; art, amateur dramatics or music.


This person may be the star of the show or they could work behind the scenes, helping to make it happen.


Ela Paszkowska - Enrich Festival
Inspired by people with disabilities, by their dreams and wishes to have a social life like everyone else and to feel that they belong the community Ela and her team of volunteers organised the Enrich Festival.  The three day event packed with creative workshops, performances and music was held in a number of venues within the town where hundreds of people attended.  The festival promoted the view that “Art Knows No Barriers”.

Herts Inclusive Theatre - WINNER
Herts Inclusive Theatre group give people with disabilities the confidence to express themselves through acting and singing.  The team are well trained and patient when it comes to dealing with children and young adults with special needs.

Pump House Theatre & Arts Centre
Running for over 47 years with over 600 volunteers the Pump House provides the local community with a wide range of culture including Jazz, Folk, Open Mic, children and youth theatre and dance clubs.  They also support charities to provide affordable space to support artists, musicians with learning disabilities and support emerging talent through the Watford Fringe Festival.