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This award recognises the amazing contribution of a volunteer or paid worker has shown to the charity sector. 


This person is a great ambassador for the charity they dedicate their time to, whether it’s volunteering in a shop, fundraising or operating a helpline there are hundreds of people in Watford giving back on a daily basis.

The shortlisted finalists in this category are:

Brick by Brick Communities -  WINNER
Brick by Brick’s aims are to combat poverty and social exclusion in all forms in our communities. They support families, schools and community groups and really care for the individuals who desperately need support. During the pandemic they held various virtual events which focussed on healthy minds and wellbeing. They also reached out to the community who struggled to find PPE and at the same time made sure residents were supported, whether it be for food, clothes or pushchairs as well as providing sports shoes, sanitary products, toothpaste and brushes to schools, giving those who can’t afford these basic products the necessities that we all take for granted.


Rhoda Amezado
Rhoda set up the Ngorli CIC in 2017 and is key in the community in helping refugee and evacuee families and anyone else in need with translating documents and paperwork, GP registration, accessing health and other key services, and providing education support.  She has been a lifeline to so many that are not aware of how to access key services and ensures they all get the help and support they need.


Jenny Marsh
Jenny dedicates much of her time to running Watford Social Centre for the blind following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother supported by a group of volunteers who enjoy working with others.  The centre provides help and advice about equipment and gadgets for blind and partically blind people.  The centre has a welcoming feel to everybody who visits which is testament to Jenny’s dedication and hard work.


West Watford Community Association
When Covid hit the centre made changes very quickly to the ways they worked and remained active during all lockdowns.  Many hours from colleagues and volunteers went into planning online activities, talks and emails as well as making social phone calls to so many residents keeping them informed, connected and mentally active.  The centre was able to organise help and offer signposting where needed which shows true community spirit.


Alan Melinek
Alan, aka Piano Grandad has been raising money for Cancer Research for years, a charity close to his heart. Since Covid he has been unable to hold concerts that he regular held at home but continued his fundraising by turning to Tik Tok and You Tube.  At 85 years old he has over 1.6 million views of his extraordinary (self-taught) piano playing and over 60,000 subscribers.  He has raised almost £15,000.  Alan himself has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and despite operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy he continues to smile and fundraise.

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