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2004 TO 2015


Mayor’s Award:  Bernice Andrews

Chairman’s Award:  Polly Odbert

Disability Access/Lewington Price:  Wheelchair Dance Sport Assoc UK

Charitable Group:  Playskill (runner up: Watford & Three River’s Refugee Partnership)

Special Award:  Grelle White

Individual Sporting Achievement:  Louis Hines

Group Sporting Achievement:  Garston Ladies FC


Mayor’s Award:  Rev Tim Roberts & Dr Tim Robson

Chairman’s Award:  Peter Ward (runner up: T Sri Mohan)

Charitable Business:  Imagine

Charitable Group:  Watford Credit Union

Runner up:  Let’s Talk Green Canteen

Special Award:  Maurice Saunders


Mayor’s Award:  Owen Parry (runner up: Patricia Picton)

Chairman’s Award:  Elizabeth Timmons (runner up: Barbara Sargant)

Charitable Business:  Freedom Communications

Disability Access/Lewington Price:  Gibsons

Charitable Group:  Home-Start

Special Award:  Diane Lee & Roger Gagan


Mayor’s Award:  Ted Miles & Gill Hulin

Chairman’s Award:  Brian Mee

Good Neighbour Award:  Kay Otley

Young person:  Signpost & Insight IT Courses

Disability Access/Lewington Price: Julian Treves Brown

Charitable Group:  DRUM (runner up: West Watford Community Association)

Special Award:  Mary Forsyth


Mayor’s Award:  Richard Parle

Chairman’s Award:  Norma Lewis & John Castle

Good Neighbour Award:  Christine Blackett & Dan Holden

Young person:  Lauren Shipperley

One Watford Sustainable Business:  Prince of Bengal

Disability Access/Lewington Price:  Popiandy’s

Charitable Group:  Watford Sheltered Workshop

Special Award:  Sheila Meaning & Starlight Walk Committee


Mayor’s Award:  Ian Scleater (runner up: Roger Gagan)

Chairman’s Award:  Stefanie Logie (Samaritans) (runner up: Bill Durham (Army Cadets))

Good Neighbour Award:  Ken Emmons

Young person:  Hibbat Ahmed

One Watford Sustainable Business:  Farming for All

Disability Access/Lewington Price:  John Lewis

Charitable Group:  Shopmobility


Mayor’s Award:  Lincoln Beckford

Chairman’s Award:  Pat Walton

Good Neighbour Award:  Peter Sweeting

Young person:  Marv Renshaw

One Watford Sustainable Business:  Berrygrove Primary School

Disability Access/Lewington Price:  Fox Taxis

Charitable Group:  Lee Farman & Pump House Children and Youth Team

Special Award:  Peggy Perfect


Mayor’s Award:  Rev John Aldis & Janet Hosier

Chairman’s Award:  Colin West

Good Neighbour Award:  Bernard Ferguson & Larry McGlynn

One Watford Sustainable Business:  Wetherspoons

One Watford Sustainable Individual:  Richard Ahrens – WRAP

Charitable Group:  Rape Crisis

Special Award:  Watford Arabic School and PCSO’s Scott & Haynes


Mayor’s Award:  Len Tomlinson

Chairman’s Award:  Heather Gooch & Vaughan Taylor

Community Champion:  Cherry Ross

One Watford Sustainable Business:  Bicycle Bakery

One Watford Sustainable Individual:  John & Margaret Collier

Special Needs Inclusion:  Lorna Cunningham, Guidepost Trust

Charitable Group:  Watford Muslim Women’s Organisation & Watford New Hope Trust


Mayor’s Award:  Althea McLean OBE & Geoffrey Harris

Chairman’s Award:  Bridget Finch & Ian Mackay

Community Champion:  Enid Saunders

Young person:  Danielle Tocker

Special Needs Inclusion:  Sealion Swimming Club

Charitable Group:  Watford Child Contact Centre



Mayor’s Award:  Chief Superintendent Chris Taylor

Chairman’s Award:  Beryl Cook

Community Champion:  Sharifa Chaudry

Young person:  Jack Summerfield

Special Needs Inclusion:  Brian Linnegar

Charitable Group:  DRUM

Special Award:  Susan Harper



Mayor’s Award:  Pat Slaughter

Chairman’s Award:  John Young

Community Champion:  John Grainger

Good neighbour:  Betty Linnegar

Young Person:  Sally Yapp

Special Award:  Judith Bruni, Bob Nunn, Iris Lusack & Dr Salah

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