For an individual or club that has contributed to helping people in Watford to lead healthier lives by promoting or encouraging more participation in sport or by representing Watford in their sport.


It is also to celebrate and thank those who give their time to working behind the scenes at local sporting clubs and groups.


Watford Gymnastics Club
Come and have “the best hour of your week” is the motto of Watford Gymnastics Club where the coaches allow children of all abilities to learn new skills and grow in confidence in a fun and safe environment.  They welcome those with disabilities giving them the opportunity to take part in the sport and to be accepted for who they are.  The club has grown and thrived over the years with just over 700 members.  They are great ambassadors for the town as they engage both children and adults in a healthy sporting activity whilst embodying the spirit of inclusivity.

Julie Ann Riegal - WINNER
Julia runs a free weekly walking group in Oxhey Village.  She leads these groups herself, coming up with different routes around the local area and publicising them to attract new walkers.  The walks are open to all ages and Julia motivates walkers checking that no-one is in difficulty or left behind.  In organising these walks Julia is encouraging people to improve their fitness levels whilst promoting community spirit as walkers get chatting to each other, making new friendships.  Men, women and even dogs are able to join the walks!

Proud Hornets
The Proud Hornets of Watford FC are one of the country’s leading LGBT football supporters group.  Through their great links with Watford FC and the 1881 movement they arranged a rainbow display across the Rookery End as the players took to the pitch against Manchester City.  This received worldwide coverage and the FA chose to use this image in their head office in London.  They have worked tirelessly over the last year to represent the LGBT community and Watford at a number of events including the London Pride parade.  They are one of the first groups to reach out to similar supporter groups and before each home game they make contact with the opposing supporters groups to meet up before matches to strengthen relationships between the groups.