This award could be an outstanding teacher/teaching assistant, a police officer who has shown remarkable courage/bravery or a dedicated NHS worker. 


It could also be a firefighter, bus driver or a chemist that has gone that extra mile– anyone who goes over and beyond their normal ‘day job’ to give back to the Watford community.


Peter Gilbert - WINNER
Peter (or Pete as everyone calls him) is a long serving bus driver of the 318 bus.  He has been described as unfailingly kind, attentive, full of cheerfulness and concern by his regular passengers.  Peter is known for sharing a joke, worrying if passengers aren’t on their ‘usual’ bus, always up for a chat and decorating his bus at Christmas.  For those less abled he will drop them off nearer to where they need to be, pick them up along the way or simply wait at the stop a few minutes more so they don’t miss his bus.  His regulars admire and respect him so much they buy him cards and presents at Christmas as well as looking out for him during the very hot days over the summer bringing him bottles of water and ice lollies!

Susie Barnes & Helen Shirley
Over the past 25 years Susie and Helen have selflessly and tirelessly run the 10th Oxhey Brownie unit.  They have supported hundreds of young girls encouraging them to support their local community, get involved and inspire and empower them as individuals.  They are instrumental in ensuring a Brownie presence at local Remembrance Day parades and services as well as organising trips and talks.  Their enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude is reflected in the effectiveness of how the unit has been run, all as volunteers.

Barbara Hankin
At 86 Barbara is the lollipop lady working at Leavesden Green Primary School.  Come rain or shine she is there to greet the children and parents with a big smile!  She is a big part of the community as she is part of a singing group that visits local care homes as well as sick and housebound church members.  The school appreciates Barbara so much that on her 80th birthday the children had decorated the cross railings with balloons and gave her a card and present.  Barbara is a lady who demonstrates love and kindness in her community and she holds a special place in their hearts too.