This award puts the spotlight on the remarkable young people in our borough who are making an impact.  


The winner of this award could be a young person who has overcome personal difficulties and now helps others to make good choices; or someone who organises out-of-school activities to divert young people away from crime; or an outstanding apprentice.


Reece Hornblow
Reece’s school life was ruined by bullying which led to him failing all exams.  Reece’s inner strength led him into becoming a boxer and fighting for Watford ABC.  He helps out with the junior and tiny tot boxers.  He always asks the kids how their school lives are as he sometimes sees the signs that there might be something wrong when their parents may not see it.  He always advises to speak to their mums and dads or teachers. Reece is a special lad and should be recognised as an example of never giving up.


Connor Shanahan
Connor was incredibly shy when he joined Watford Museum as a volunteer as part of his West Herts College course and Supported Internship. Connor has blossomed in his volunteering role undertaking the digitalising of the collections records. This work is absolutely vital for the safeguarding and sharing of the collections. With an estimated 35,000 objects that need to be digitalised this is a big task! Connor is a popular and respected member of the museum team who continues to volunteer at the museum even though his course has finished.


Lee Keogh - WINNER
Lee has worked hard raising awareness of access to parks and equipment for disabled children.  He is an excellent ambassador for West Herts College at the Chamber of Commerce attending several business network events and talking /presenting at one.  He has also starting a film editing business. Lee likes to be considered an everyday normal bloke … he hates people calling him inspirational … he just gets on with it.